If you don’t know

you can’t grow.

Here’s how it works:

1: Take the ProScan Survey

The first thing you’ll do is take the ProScan survey, which takes about 5 minutes to complete. No more of these 30+ minute tests that take forever to complete and only return generalized, basic results. The survey has been taken by over 5 million working adults with a recorded accuracy of just above 95%.

2: Know

After you complete the survey you’ll receive a 22-page report detailing your profile. Your profile will go through who you are at your most natural, who you’re adjusting to be based on your current environment, and how those around you are seeing you.

3: Grow

We don’t want to simply hand you a bunch of information that you don’t know how to use, so we have multiple ways for you to use the information to grow your self-awareness and utilize that growth. Here’s a few of our options:

  • Schedule a ProScan walkthrough with one of our Certified PDP Administrators. These are pros who have helped hundreds of people understand and utilize their innate strengths and talents through our tools.
  • Go through one of our e-courses. We are in the process of repacking our corporate business training into e-courses for individuals to use to elevate their understanding of their profile, as well as how to use it in everyday life.
  • Bring us out in person to speak to your team, peer group, mastermind or any group that is looking to elevate their self-awareness. We’ve led teams all over the country through workshops focused on communication, leadership, team-building, hiring, and more.

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